How to Make a Twitter Profile Popular

Do you know that you can actually use your Twitter to find a job? It is just a matter of bringing your profile a lot closer to prospective clients. To help you get the word out about your existence and interest in landing a job, you can follow these simple tips:

Make your profile interesting.

You want your Twitter profile to be honest but witty. Tell the world about your accomplishments and personality, but make sure that you do not exaggerate. You may not be able to show proof to your outrageous claims once a potential employer will ask you of it. Attach a colored and very visible picture, yet do not put anything that is racy, disturbing, or offensive. Find one that makes you appear charming and approachable.

Ensure that your posts can be retweeted.

Your goal is to make sure that your followers will retweet your posts. This is how you can capture the attention of others to your profile. One of the best ways to do that is to come up with clever posts. Be funny, a little controversial, conversational, somewhat quirky, and very smart. Have some time to produce a well-thought-out tweet. It is a lot better to do this than to tweet frequently but get no reactions at all.

Encourage your followers to promote your profile.

You can actually tell your friends to bring your profile a lot closer to their own network through a simple promotion. They can add the link to your profile in any of their tweets. Do not forget to help them create a very appropriate introduction about yourself. You want their friends to not just see your profile but to eventually add you.

Connect with the right people.

You have to remember that you are not in Twitter just to use the platform. You are looking for a job, so you need to start searching for prospective employers. Depending on what field you are trying to pursue, you can use the Find People option at the topmost portion of the Twitter page to begin looking for companies you want to be part of.

This is actually advantageous for you since you can get a glimpse of how the company works. Their tweets are usually about their programs, objectives, projects, and new products and services, to name a few. You can then if you want to be part of their team before you hand in your application.

Prove your worth.

You can persuade your potential employers to take a look at you without becoming too obvious about it in Twitter. For instance, if you want to land a freelance photography job, you can share your images to your network at least twice a day.

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5 Responses to How to Make a Twitter Profile Popular

  1. Thank you for such a great post. I will definitely take a new look at my profile – what would you suggest for @KennedyIAm? (I cannot do anything about the hair until I harvest it for Locks of Love on April 21st, but any other suggestions?)

    I’m not too comfortable asking people to promote my profile, but have been fortunate that I know a lot of people and they want to help me in my search for an opportunity as a Community Builder.

  2. This is all great advice. One of the best parts about Twitter is that you can “follow” the right people and start connecting with them without that person needing to accept you (like they would on LinkedIn). RT a couple of their tweets and reply to a few of their comments and you start building that relationship.

  3. student says:

    When I was creating my Twitter profile I assumed that it is only my nickname that is going to be visible and didn`t take time to enter all other information that could bring up my profile during searches.

  4. Turs says:

    As for me – I gave up on Twitter some time ago. Didn`t feel like it was bringing any results as far as career search.

  5. Kevin Marcum says:

    I personally have made so much connections on Twitter. I find that site very useful. Great article. thanks for sharing

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