The Job Market on Twitter

Of all the new social media tools, Twitter’s real-time nature has made it more challenging to adapt to standard media channels, including the use of Twitter in the online job market. Google, for example, is just starting to develop ways to include Twitter postings in its searches and page rankings. At the same time, the popular social media tool has pushed the creative envelope and is making the job market more dynamic and interesting.

New Twitter tools are appearing weekly and it is worth keeping up. TwitJobSearch is a job search tool that sits on your desktop.  An advanced search function allows you to narrow your job search criteria. Do not wait long for this real-time job search trend to catch on. TwitJobSearch boasts over 300,000 new jobs in the last 30 days.

Take the opportunity to master some Twitter job search strategies from the many Twitter job search experts offering up their how-tos online. As soon as I am done writing this blog, I am going to go back to JobMob’s 20 Tips to Twitter Job Search Success to master some very useful tools and techniques, such as how to simulcast through other social media and target industry-specific feeds and people to follow. And do you know how to follow who your followers are following? Twubble will do the job.

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4 Responses to The Job Market on Twitter

  1. HomeSick says:


    it is a good idea to follow few companies that you are interested in working with. This only works if they are active on Twitter and publish updates regularly. Otherwise it much better just to keep an eye on their website.

    Thing is that if you are using Twitter just for fun it won`t hurt having some important news coming to your update page.

  2. Kevin Morris says:

    Thanks for stoking the Twitter fire. Twitter is THE emerging job search trend that everyone needs to get to know. I’d add The Twitter Job Search Guide by Susan Whitcomb, Chandlee Bryan, and Deb Dib to the list of great references. They are each pioneers in the careers industry and have presented a wealth of knowledge in this book.

  3. Marcus says:

    Well, for me as for many other people Twitter seems to be a difficult thing for business use. I consider it as some sort of a tool to update my friends on what’s new in my life or things I find interesting.

    Who knows, maybe I’m just too old for that stuff…

  4. Lynch says:

    No argument there! Twitter itself always was microblogging tool created solely for communication. But businesses will always find their way to use anything for their profits. Plus it’s all those tools and applications that make it even easier for them.

    Whenever there’s demand for something there will always be someone who would come with supply.


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