Present Trends in Telecommuting

So what’s up with telecommuting? Surprisingly, there are many. If you are considering becoming a part of the industry or you are already at it, you may want to pay attention to the current trends. In any kind of job, one of the best ways to keep your work is you must learn how to adapt. You may then want to check out the current trends below and see how you can fit in.

Over 100 million people will be telecommuters.
Based on the report by Star Workforce Solutions last January 2009, more than 100 million Americans will be telecommuters for the first years of the new decade. This statistic will continue to rise, and the days the employees are out of the office will become much longer.

More employers are considering telecommuting.
Despite the popularity of telecommuting, thousands of employers still maintain an office, and employees are required to come to the office every day. Business owners are just making sure that their staffs are working for them.

Well, starting this year it may be quite different. Over 48 percent of employers surveyed by Gartner in 2009 said they are planning of incorporating work-at-home schedules into their corporate lifestyle. After all, 23 percent of the respondents are confident they can look forward to lowering their office, electricity, internet, maintenance, and rental budgets.

Telecommuting will be added as a benefit to workers, similar to what big-time companies like Yahoo and Qualcomm have been doing.

There will be more green jobs available.
It is time to add one more expertise or field on your list: green jobs. Because of issues about climate change, global warming, and health and wellness – which are, interestingly two very huge industries these days – people have become more interested about going green. On the other hand, entrepreneurs want to tap into this growing niche market using the skills of telecommuters.

Employers will search for specialization.
Smorgasbord writers may want to start thinking which fields they do well. Employers will start looking for “specialists.” These are people who are considered experts in their chosen niche – and companies will be adamant in looking for proofs.

Competition has been tough among Internet marketers as hundreds join online commerce almost daily. To make sure they can get the most attention from Internet users, they have to offer something very unique.

Remote office centers will be more in demand.
Technologies play a big role in the flourishing of telecommuting, and with the continuous rise of demand from business owners, they need to have the right equipment and tools as soon as possible without spending a lot of money.

Thus, they operate in remote offices. These are similar to corporate buildings. The only difference is that telecommuters rent the space on hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. They can make use of the facilities – from the Internet connection to computers, printers and fax machines. Of course, they are given their own respective cubicles. This way, telecommuters can provide the best kind of service to their employers.

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2 Responses to Present Trends in Telecommuting

  1. Many (most?) people hate to ‘go to work’. Telecommuting removes the ‘go to’ from ‘work’. Maybe most people do not hate work, but the ‘going to’ is what they hate the most? Telecommuting also eliminated the ‘arrival’ of the ‘going to’, as most times, luckily, you end up arriving to the place you are going to: in this case is the office. As much as architects, interior designers, furniture makers, carpet makers, background music providers, ergonomic consultants, lighting consultants, etc. try to make the office workspace a warm, inviting ambiance, most fail to some degree. There is no place like home…

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