Great Jobs to Take after Retirement

Not all retirees buy a farm in Oklahoma, travel to Europe, or settle in Bali. A lot of them do take jobs just to relive boredom. There are others who do simply because they are not used to having a lot of idle time.

Fortunately, opportunities are not scarce for those who want to be back in the workforce. To give you some ideas on what jobs you can take, here is a good list:

1. Go back to your old job.
Are you fond of your old job? Are you hoping you could go back doing what you really love? Some companies do take seniors back into their fold, especially if they are truly exceptional. They can reduce your working hours or assign you to less strenuous task.

2. Be a salesperson.
You can set up a business and hire yourself as a salesperson. This way, you can reduce labor costs and you’ll have a good time meeting new people. You can also practice your selling and technical skills. Besides this, putting up a business could channel your unused hours to something productive. You will find yourself busy most of the time.

3. Consider athletics.
Who does not love sports? If you are physically fit and you have a thorough knowledge about a particular sport, you can always consider a career in athletics. You can be fitness instructor, trainer, or even a coach.

4. Have a career in consulting.
Your several years of working experience should definitely give you a lot of credit to become a consultant. Consultancy is a lucrative job. First, it does not require you to be in the office for several hours. Second, companies offer a great pay to those who can help them in their business. You also have the freedom to handle as many consultancy jobs as you can to boost your income.

5. Enter the world of entertainment.
Do you have what it takes to entertain the public? Do you want to share your talents? Now that you are retired, you definitely have a lot of time in your hands to tackle the world of entertainment. As long as you have the skills, there are several opportunities waiting for you. You can be a singer in a cruise ship or a teacher in a ballet school. You can also setup your own talent agency.

6. Take some seasonal jobs.
It’s definitely possible to just take a part-time work. One of these is a seasonal job. This type of work usually lasts from two to three months, depending on the demand. The good news is, pay for these kinds of jobs is high. It’s usually computed by the hour or your output.

7. Spend more time outdoors.
If you don’t want or are easily bored by home-based jobs, you can opt for working opportunities that require you to be outdoors. You can be a tour or bird watching guide, a camp director, or a bushwalking facilitator. You can also apply as a park or a forest ranger.

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  1. Maya Pillai says:

    If you have a good communication skill and a passion for teaching, you can deliver lectures or training to school/college students on your field of study. You can check out the educational institutions that are ready to take you on part time basis. Your mind remains young and healthy when you are with young crowd.


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