Top Must-awaited Techs for Jobseekers

Contrary to Back to the Future’s predictions, there are still no flying cars, though we are crossing our fingers for the sake of cheaper energy. We may also not see humanoids anytime soon.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of great technologies that are under way – enough for us to get excited. Moreover, these ideas are especially helpful for those who constantly seek better jobs.

1. T-shirt Gadgets
Stanford University scientists are busy creating textiles, but these are no ordinary ones. They are not only lightweight and stretchable, they’re also powered by carbon nanotubes, with fibers as thin as human hair. Because of these characteristics, the dyed fabric is already a device itself, allowing you to charge your mobile gadgets, surf the web to look for jobs, and / or receive calls for interviews with almost no additional carry-on load. And at the end of the day, you can place your clothes in a washing machine (or perhaps something more sophisticated than that), and get clean ones the next day.

2. Much Cheaper Mobile Broadband
One of the strongest selling points of smart phones and other mobile devices, such as tablet PCs, is mobility. With them you can check LinkedIn jobs or get referrals from friends in Twitter and Facebook on the go. You only have to make sure that there’s WIFI or 3G.

These options, though reliable, can sometimes go out of whack. Besides, why would we settle for them when we can definitely expect another choice that’s a lot faster? It may take around a year or two before we can fully see the impact of the new but cheap broadband network, but the idea itself is already enough to thrill you.

3. Wireless Docking Stations and Chargers for Mobile Devices
Imagine this: You’re waiting for a job offer call from one of the biggest firms in the country. All of the sudden, your phone conks out after losing its power. The solution would have been as easy as getting your charger and plugging it near your kitchen counter. But it’s not, because you’re basically out doing your groceries.

Thankfully, as early as now, you can already anticipate the release and boom of wireless docking stations and chargers for your device. As its name suggests, you don’t have to look for the nearest outlet or wait for someone to finish his or her charging spree. To give you a better idea of how fascinating these wireless tools are going to be, Powermat chargers are filled with magnetic inductors that can generate energy for charging. Moreover, they can charge multiple, even different, devices simultaneously.

4. 3D Printing
It wouldn’t take a long time before traditional, boring, and stiff business cards will be out of the picture. Prototypes and even some models for 3D printing are already available. This means that there’s a far better way of impressing future contacts and employers.

We aren’t sure what else is in store for us in the next few years or decade. One thing is for certain, though – by keeping yourself smart and street-wise, you can tap the different technologies in finding favorable jobs.

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