Top 5 Tech Trends of Tomorrow

The tech industry moves too fast sometimes
During the next five years IT department budgets aretop 5 IT trends 2013 expected to shrink. As companies grow, so do their needs for more storage, faster hardware and up-to-date software systems. Another area of concern is the fact that many seasoned IT professionals will be retiring. That being said there may be a shortage of qualified professionals. The solution? Keep an open mind and more importantly, keep up with these forthcoming trends:

Embrace In-House IT
Rapid growth in IT also means increased network complexity. With a number of New employees should be encouraged to step in and learn new skills. Workers not yet skilled in a specific area of IT may develop a firm grasp on mobile IT tools. As we move forward into this decade, mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets will be used to communicate with company servers. Embrace the trend of accessing company networks remotely. Training employees in new areas of IT might lead to higher retention rates.

Virtual Data Centers
Virtual Servers will support accelerated growth rates while on a tight budget. VPS servers are also becoming cheaper options for small business online. Shared servers over a private network is a hybrid system that is expected to evolve even further these next few years.

Mobile Security
Mobile devices as IT tools mean enterprises will need more network security. Device level security as well as encryption of information will be key. Be on the look out for mobile networking security as it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

Centralized Software Networks
If and when everyone starts using their smart-phones to access centralized servers at work, software clashes might occur. Investing in a centralized software management system will force everyone to use the same operating procedures to communicate at work. Network security will be easier to maintain, as all devices shall be using the same platform.

The Big Data Craze
Enterprise level companies will require more enterprise level support. The collection of data sets so large is known as Big Data. Big Data has become almost impossible to process store and access using traditional IT management tools which is why we expect to see an explosion of services dedicated to helping companies sort through the mess. Due to its difficult working nature, researchers are still hard at work looking for ways they can improve the management of Big Data. If you work for a large corporation rest assured, Big Data will be tamed in the years to come.

James Mulvey is a tech writer and blog editor at Colocation America. He covers a wide variety of topics within the data center industry, from tech trends to industry news.

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