When Geeks Dance, Charity Wins – Vitaver Announces First Ever “Dancing Geeks” Charity Competition for IT Professionals

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. – Vitaver, a Florida-based staffing firm announces their first ever “Dancing Geeks” contest designed to promote charitable giving and bring the IT/Technology community together in a fun and meaningful way. Vitaver has long supported local community organizations and now aims to spread their mission of community engagement through an entertaining and fun contest. DancingGeeks.com encourages IT and Tech professionals to submit dorky dance videos set to their favorite songs. The contest intends to raise awareness while also promoting local IT/Tech businesses and encourages viewers to vote on the dorkiest and funniest dance routines, with Vitaver donating $10,000 to charity in the name of the winners: $5,000 to First Place, $3,000 to Second Place, and $2,000 to Third Place.

The contest will allow voting on the dorkiest and funniest dance routines, with Vitaver donating $10,000 to charity in name of the winners.

IT and Tech professionals are encouraged to enter the video competition and show their best geek dance moves. The rules are simple: record your dorkiest dance moves to a song of your choice and submit the entry through the DancingGeeks.com website.

The online content will be accepting submissions via DancingGeeks.com from January 15 through April 14, 2013. Voting ends on April 15th, with first, second, and third place winners announced on April 16, 2013.

“We want to bring the IT/Tech community together for charity in the most hilarious way we know possible. Our hope is that this event will become an annual tradition,” says Pablo Vitaver, CEO of Vitaver. “The goal is to support nonprofits that are doing great work, while also supporting our fellow business community. And, we want to dispel the myth that geeks can’t dance!”

Vitaver is encouraging IT professionals to “moonwalk their way into first place in the name of charity,” and will be donating $10,000 to area nonprofits on behalf of the first, second, and third place Dancing Geek video winners. Winning teams will be able to select which nonprofit(s) their donations go to from the list of participating nonprofits.

Participating charities include ClassWish.org, Children’s Cancer Research Fund, IT Women, Geeks Without Bounds, and the South Florida Digital Alliance.

IT and Technology professionals interested in participating or sponsoring Dancing Geeks are encouraged to visit DancingGeeks.com for more information or to complete and submit an entry form.

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