Don’t Join a Winning Team…

Don’t join a winning team.

Make your team win instead. Sure, people have flaws, they are human beings in the first place, and the human condition is hardly perfect. That is precisely why a good leader can transform an ordinary team, even a ‘losing’ one, into a winning team. If they are winning already… what difference can you make? What is your contribution?

Now, if you can understand the dynamics and the individuals on their needs, challenges, passions, even shortcomings, you have a golden opportunity to make a HUGE difference, not only on the Company but on the individual lives (and their families). Sure, it may prove impossible, but the attempt and effort for everyone involved, including yourself, is never wasted. All become richer because of it.

That one (or more) people are negative you say? Good! If you did not have a disruptor in the team, you need to hire one. Someone that will keep everyone else on edge, awake, challenged, etc. Energy beats apathy every day, use it to the benefit of the team.

Dishonesty can’t be tolerated. If identified, get rid of him/her/it (a bad system would fall into the third category, not being cute here) 😉

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