Embrace the Change!

Opposition. If you don’t encounter some, you are probably doing it wrong. ‘Going with the flow’ means lack of innovation, risk-taking, initiative, etc. Staying ‘safe’ by avoiding challenge maybe the surest way to be at risk (of losing your job, or your Company to the competition). Every innovator (renamed ‘disruptor’ as of late) necessitates a degree of resistance (to change), of peers who want to remain ‘safe’ by doing the same things, the same way, over and over, etc.

Change is natural, everything in nature, at every level changes. A rock does not change you say? Give it a few million years… In nature (we are part of it) the only thing permanent is change. In nature there are two states: grow or decay. Is your choice… Resistance to change is unnatural and destined to fail. So what to do: embrace it! Besides is more fun!

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