Fear of change is… still fear.

Would you do it for free? In my experience we excel at what we enjoy, what we would do if no payment was involved. Obviously we all need to pay bills and need an income, so working ‘for free’ may not be feasible. Still, the question is relevant: if we are not passionate on what we do several things are likely to happen: 1) we won’t be very good at it, 2) the days will be ‘long’, 3) we won’t make much progress in such career.

While getting fired is (almost) never a good experience, it may be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to start fresh in a different environment / company and even profession.

Firing someone is never fun either, telling the ‘victim’ ‘this is for your own good’ sounds hypocritical to say the least… nevertheless I had to let go of very good people at the wrong job. It was an indescribable feeling to find out, months or years later, that some of those people flourished and grew somewhere else.

Fear of change is… still fear. IMHO nothing good is built on fear but many opportunities are missed because of it. ‘Opportunity’ is a golden word, so much in life depends on a) being alert to opportunities and b) Having the courage to jump on them. They say ‘…when opportunity knocks’. Why was the door closed in the first place? 😉

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