Having Trouble Hiring and Retaining the best IT Professionals?

If so here is some insight into current market conditions and trends in the IT Staffing industry. As I am sure you are aware the current market for IT Professionals is very tight and there is a shortage of qualified candidates which makes this a Candidate driven market. In this type of market candidates have more opportunities than previously and Employers are competing for the best available resources.

So what can you do to attract and retain the best qualified candidates on the market?

Step 1: Speed up your hiring process. The best candidates are not available for long and when they are available they have many opportunities to choose from. In order for you to land the candidate you want you need have an aggressive process that lets you make a decision in a timely manner. Communication is also key, being open with the candidates on timeline is a great way to keep them interested. Having a clear job description can also speed up the process, when there is a disconnect between what the job actually entails and what it actually requires can lead to disappointment on both sides.

Step 2: Review the salaries and hourly rates you are offering. The number one reason a candidate rejects a job offer is because the salary/rate is too low. Some candidate may never consider your job opportunities because of the salary that is offered. Thirty-nine (39%) percent of technology professionals say it is likely they will look for a new job in the next 12 months. The top reason IT employees leave is for better pay.

Step 3 (if hiring an employee). Mention during the interview the opportunities for growth, career-pathing, training, and the impact of the job in the Organization, and of the Organization in the community.

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