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47% Of Employers Check Applicant Credit Reports – Here’s What You Can Do

Rightly or wrongly, your credit history is becoming an increasingly important factor in your life. It’s not just about applying for credit anymore; now even your car insurance company may be looking at your credit report when underwriting your application. … Continue reading

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HR: Friend or Foe of your Organization?

HR serves indispensable functions to provide redress to employees’ grievances, compile and enforce the Company Code of Conduct, handle benefits, facilitate reviews, training, all sorts of compliance issues, keep the Company safe from legal liability, etc. etc. HR is generally … Continue reading

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Just When You Think It’s Over: How To Ensure Successful Employment Background Investigation

Nailing a job is not always about making it right during job interviews or putting your best foot forward. What happens before and after every interview is just as important. Of course, when preparing for a job application, one has … Continue reading

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Employment Background Checks and Your Privacy

Employment background checks can feel violating and embarrassing. When a blight on my friend’s credit record showed up when applying for a summer bank teller job as a college student, she told me she felt like she had ‘deadbeat’ stamped … Continue reading

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