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IT Trends – Where the Jobs Are in 2012

The information technology sector is no stranger to rapid change. The immediate obsolescence of my high school advanced placement Pascal programming class taught me that right out of the gate, and that was over 25 years ago. The pace of … Continue reading

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What Are the Top 6 Engineering Jobs Over the Last Decade?

There are different fields of engineering, and virtually all of them are in demand. A world without engineers is simply a world without progress. However, there are some engineering positions that are far better than the others in terms of … Continue reading

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For the Sake of the Company

Oftentimes, when I hear a Candidate’s offer of ‘sacrifice’ for the sake of my Company, I feel like getting sick to my stomach. My immediate reaction is: I don’t believe it; and that is the good option. If I were … Continue reading

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How to Be a Good Boss – Part I

Building Trust This week’s positive reports on job growth is a wakeup call for grumpy bosses. Your captive workforce may start looking around for a cheerier boss. Taking lessons in congeniality is only part of the solution. Bosses who earn … Continue reading

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