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Why Aren’t Corporations Investing and Expanding?

By a variety of measures, America’s corporations are experiencing record profits over the last couple of years. Indeed, profits to corporations amounted to 11 percent of the economy in the 3rd quarter of 2012, compared to 8 percent during the … Continue reading

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How Should You Equip Yourselves to Snatch the Highest Paying Jobs in the Market

Who does not want to be paid well at this day and age? A recent study revealed that the ultimate driving force of attrition and separation from a company by employees is compensation. It could be that salary for the … Continue reading

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Job Seeking: To Search or Not To Search Online?

Check the different job ads on newspapers, magazines, posters, radio, and TV. Only a few isn’t it? During the 1990s, these media became the haven of job seekers. However, with the advent of the Internet, job seeking took a 360-degree … Continue reading

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Check these out before Accepting the Job Offer

So you find yourself with a job offer in your hand. It’s been a laborious application process, with lots of interviews and sleepless nights. Well done on being selected for the position, now you have to make your decision. The … Continue reading

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How to Make a Twitter Profile Popular

Do you know that you can actually use your Twitter to find a job? It is just a matter of bringing your profile a lot closer to prospective clients. To help you get the word out about your existence and … Continue reading

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Job Hunting and Fitness

It is not illegal to discriminate based on ‘aspect’. In reality, we all discriminate based on that, to some degree. If a person comes dressed like a bum, untidy, dirty, etc. he/she may not be very ‘lucky’ hunting for an … Continue reading

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