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Using Mobile Devices to Become a More Effective Job Seeker

Used to be job seekers seeking information were stuck until the Sunday paper came out, or there were a new batch of help wanted ads on just a few specialized websites such as Monster.com. But the smarter, more forward-thinking companies … Continue reading

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Hope for the Long-Term Unemployed

If you’ve been out of work for 6 months or more, and you’ve gotten discouraged by the constant rejections, and have all but given up, take heart: The economy is showing signs of improvement. First, the overall unemployment rate has … Continue reading

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The Unemployed Are Turning their Job Hunting Attention to the Internet

The unemployment rate has just gone up to around 9 percent, forcing people to take bolder steps just to find a job – and they’re looking more using the World Wide Web. Craigslist and LinkedIn, among other websites, have become … Continue reading

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